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UCS history

Departmental records reveal that an application for the establishment of a school was approved in 1891.  The school opened that year in the name of Ungarie but was closed in 1898 due to declining attendance.

In 1916 James Knight, Robert Mackrell, CS Newland and A Miller requested that a provisional school be re-established at Ungarie.  A new school was built and opened in January 1917 with 30 pupils.

By 1920 enrolments had increased and an extension was built.  In 1930 Secondary classes commenced and by 1936 102 pupils were enrolled in the Primary Department and 23 in the Secondary.

The school was upgraded to a Second Central in 1969 and in that year 4 brick primary classrooms were built.  In 1971 major extensions were conducted with secondary classrooms, library, administration block, woodwork, metalwork rooms, canteen and toilet blocks.

In the 1970's enrolments were at their peak at between 200 and 300 students.

Since then the school has continued to be a Central School with current an enrolment of 97 students, consisting of 59 Primary students and 38 Secondary.  There is currently 17 teaching staff  and 6 School Administrative Support Staff at the school.

Information taken from ‘Astride the Humbug' 1972 – 1972 Ungarie – 100 Years of Town Building and Astride the Humbug II to 1997.