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Humbug Creek Dexters

Humbug Creek Dexters & Humbug Creek Hens

Our school cattle stud, Humbug Creek Dexters, provides students studying Agricultural Technology and VET Primary Industries the chance to gain skills in handling and working with cattle. Students are able to familiarise themselves with day-to-day management tasks involving the cattle, such as feeding, monitoring water supply, checking health and wellbeing and grooming. The school Dexters, Bess, Gypsy and Kaylene, will be calving shortly, which will allow students to learn how to mark calves safely. Agricultural Show attendance has been on the back burner, due to restrictions and cancellations, however once they are back up and running, interested students may be able to take Gypsy and Kaylene, and their calves, to local shows to gain experience in livestock exhibition.


Humbug Creek Hens 

In 2021, UCS began incubating laying hen eggs to produce laying hens for sale to the local community. Humbug Creek Hens are mixed breed hens, and are sold at 14 weeks of age. Infants and Primary students are involved in the care of the young chicks, handling them to ensure they are friendly and quiet when they are ready to move on to their new homes. Humbug Creek Hens are sold for $15 each and enquiries can be made via the Front Office.